The Technical Data of each Article specifies the type of Packaging that the product has. 

All Sliding Doors are properly packed. Protected with corners of polyethylene foam corners , plastic corners, expanded polystyrene sheets, in cardboard box and properly sealed.

Imor guarantees that their products arrive in perfect condition.

Shipping costs (transport)

Usually in the process of buying the shipping costs is automatically calculated (as selected destination) so you can see in detail the amount.

If such expenses were not visible and / or had to be calculated (depending on destination) will be properly informed.

By trade agreements we DON´T  carry goods to:

In SPAIN:Álava, Albacete, Ávila, Almería, Badajoz, Barcelona, Burgos, Caceres, Cantabria, Ciudad Real, Córdoba, Cuenca, Gerona, Granada, Guadalajara, Huelva, Huesca, Jaen, Las Palmas (Gran Canaria y Fuerteventura), Madrid (Este), Navarra, Palencia, Salamanca, Segovia, Sevilla, Soria, Tarragona, Toledo, Valladolid, Vizcaya, Zamora y Zaragoza.
In FRANCE: Isla Guadalupe.
In MARROC: All regions.
In ESTADOS UNIDOS: All states.

If you live in these Countries / Provinces we can assist you at the following links:

sales point    manufactoring plants   brand central


Normal (Spain and CEE)

imor uses different carriers, so it is subject to agreements with them. 

At all times you shall be informed of the relevant company

The shuttle service contracted by imor will deliver the products "at street level" (the carrier will never rise the materials to your housing-floor).

Delivery time will vary depending on the product. For example: 

- Fronts of sliding doors and sliding interior doors entirely made: 7-15 calendar days. 

- Materials purchased unprocessed and single units / boxes:  5-10 calendar days. 

This period begins at the time that we have all your data, complete order and payment.


International shipments (outside CEE)

We try to locate the most effective transport service possible

You  will always be informed of the approximate delivery time,  as well as the carrier.

Returns and Warranty

Return of an Order (cases)

 1.- Defective product or error in the delivered product: We will send a new product and the shipping cost  will be at our expense. See the rules for receipt of Products at the bottom and be sure to comply with them. We will tell you how to proceed with the product received defective or erroneous.

2.- Right of withdrawal: Term of 14 calendar days from the reception of the order. The exception will be for all those products that are considered to measure (serve as an example: the fronts of sliding doors, the sliding interior doors, and all those products and special materials that have been configured to the extent established by the customer).

The refund of the amount paid will be made, whenever possible, in the same way it was paid. In case of withdrawal the shipping cost  is charged to the customer.

For the payment of the cost of the order the products must be returned in perfect condition, with all the labels and with their original packaging. Otherwise, the depreciation of the product will be quantified and subtracted from the total amount to be paid.

To initiate the return of the order please contact us via email to: and we will proceed to tell you how to act.

imor offers as guarantee the issued invoice itself and attached to the existing legal terms in Spain (Country of origin of the products). 

Never included in the warranty defects caused by neglects, beatings, use or tampering, manufacture and / or improper installation, or materials under normal use wear, etc. 

In the event that the reception of products abnormality is found and / or error, please contact