Finding an article

To find an article you can use the search engine   located at the top of the home; Search results show items available depending on the input data. Once the item found, you can expand the information browsing environment.


Buy in our store is very simple

Simply choose an item, add to basket by clicking the shopping cart icon and complete your order using the payment method you prefer. 

If it is more convenient, you can also go shopping by phone of all our items. 

The sales transactions are deemed performed in:



Polígono Llanos de la Estación, C/ Tomás Edison, 14-16

50.800 Zuera (Zaragoza) – Spain-


Purchasing certain types of articles is subject to some special conditions (will be duly noted). 

The price of our items is indicated at all times on our website. See section TAXES.

If it detects that there has been an error in the introduction of a price by imor of an item, after receiving an order, we will contact as soon as possible to inform you of the incidence , and offer the option of cancellation or maintenance under the right conditions.

Automatic sending of confirmation does not validate the price conditions. In case of cancellation will be refunded any amount that had been paid.

 Without your express consent to the conditions of correct price, will not proceed to give effect to the shipment.


Process an order

Simply add the product to the clipboard by clicking on the button "Add to Cart". You may continue buying other items or process the order with products including pressing the button "Process the order".

In the next step, a screen opens and shows an Order Summary and Data Customer. Shipping costs will be allocated depending on the chosen destination (mainland Spain, the Canary Islands, CEE...) 

You can select the Shipping Method most suitable and also the Payment Method.

Then press the button "Buy Now".

When you process the order, all transactions from that time are conducted under a secure connection that guarantees the confidentiality of your data. 

If you are a registered client, a screen will ask for your password.

If it is not yet and you want to register, you can do it from the link record at the top of the page Sign in and get a password that will serve for subsequent transactions you make to our website.  

You can buy products, receive information on offers and promotions, to know the status of their orders ... In your customer file will be recorded personal data, so you will not need to re-fill them in later purchases.



How to pay

You can pay your purchases with the following means:

 - Credit or debit cards.

 - Wire transfer.

 - PayPal

 - Delivery system (NOT available at the moment)


Credit and debit cards

imor used TPV IBERCAJA (one of the largest banks in Spain) which allows payment by Visa, Master Card and American Express... 

The Secure Electronic Commerce System is based on the card issuer (bank or savings) identify the cardholder before authorizing the payment online. 

imor is attached to this security protocol (TPV IBERCAJA) so, once selected the product to be purchased and entered the card number, a window that asks Issuer identification opens: 

The card information and password are protected by this security system from the time of its introduction. 

Once identification is complete, the Issuer informs that the purchase imor is performing the cardholder, so that it can complete the process. If identification was not successful, the Issuer will give notice to imor to proceed accordingly. 

This window is out the control of imor, remain the responsibility of the Issuer any issues that may arise with it, should contact such entity if it were in this situation. 

IMPORTANT: imor not save any data on your card.

Wire Transfer

By selecting the bank transfer as payment you receive, with the confirmation of your order, an e-mail which will indicate the account number in which to make the bank transfer IMAGINACION ORGANIZADA, S.L. (imor) name. 

It is very important to indicate in the subject the order number and your name and surname,  and / or business name company, and perform the transfer within 3 days from the date of confirmation of order to validate it. 

You should send the transfer receipt by e-mail But in any case, shall not be considered Checkout until our administration department does not have bank confirmation of the transfer

Remember, you must make payment in euros and that all possible bank exchange fees and running through his mind when choosing this payment system. In the case of bank transfers made from outside of Spain it is very important that when ordering the transfer always tell your bank take over commissions at source, those bank fees and expenses for your organization. Otherwise, imor could paralyze the sending by not receive the full amount thereof.

What is PayPal?

In terms of e-commerce and online payments, PayPal is a system of fast and secure payment associated with a user account, to which there is associated a traditional means of payment (a card or a bank account).


- User convenience: You are discharged with their means of payment at a single site (PayPal) and can make your online purchase at thousands of websites worldwide where this method of payment is accepted.

Payment is very simple and does not require you to re-enter the card information or bank (You introduced them to register for the first time)

- Security: At the time of payment, the website of the seller (imor) is left to go to the PayPal website, access to the secret keys PayPal, pay and return to the shop seller (imor), which never access those keys and payment data.

 - Fast: PayPal facilitates fast online ordering and communicating instantly to online commerce (imor) it has detracted from their own funds to validate the purchase or not. If so, trade (imor) that already have credit and can arrange our order.

It is as fast as paying with a credit card, much higher than when paying by bank transfer, although in the case of the card, commerce (imor) usually spend a few hours to make checks on our identity, the delivery address of the order, etc. while with PayPal in principle given by good payment.

- Costless: For the user this means payment. PayPal  charges its retail partners (imor).


How to consult an Order

You can know the status of a pending order or check orders placed in advance by accessing located at the top of the page  "Sign in" and specifically in Record and details of my orders. 

After entering the identification data, details of the latest orders on our website, the date of purchase, the status of current orders, detailed composition thereof is displayed ...